To All You Idiots Out There Who Waste Your Time Sending Me….

It is amazing to know how stupid and idiotic people could be all the time. You take from your life existence the time to make up a bogus E-Mail accounts to do what ? Send spam!  What exactly is your  point?  Seriously now are you so unsure of yourselves that you must all hide and not even attempt to debate me. You are nothing more than little mental midget’s who like those who you support politically are nothing more than a warped abnormalities of your own evolutionary beginnings. Your father just like you was and still is nothing more than a LIAR!  So bring it on, challenge me on issues and stop hiding. I will never delete an honest comment that attacks me personally as so long that  it isn’t a spam or virus.

So bring it on! It’s a slow Tuesday for me and even though I  haven’t  really been in the mood for talking politics for over a month and a half now  I will not back down from any challenge from  my many secret admirers that take from their busy life schedule  to send me an honest comment not a spam.  I’m all for freedom of speech even  the one that I’m not in agreement with so don’t be afraid and prove to yourself how naïve, foolish and sick you truly are once and for all if you have the COJONES to do so!  Like always have a great day and enjoy the precious moment that is every second of each day that is allotted us!