The Real Newt Gingrich

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When we open our eye’s we will see the truth that is right in front of us. Let’s stop allowing ourselves to be played, Wake Up America!


To All You Idiots Out There Who Waste Your Time Sending Me….

It is amazing to know how stupid and idiotic people could be all the time. You take from your life existence the time to make up a bogus E-Mail accounts to do what ? Send spam!  What exactly is your  point?  Seriously now are you so unsure of yourselves that you must all hide and not even attempt to debate me. You are nothing more than little mental midget’s who like those who you support politically are nothing more than a warped abnormalities of your own evolutionary beginnings. Your father just like you was and still is nothing more than a LIAR!  So bring it on, challenge me on issues and stop hiding. I will never delete an honest comment that attacks me personally as so long that  it isn’t a spam or virus.

So bring it on! It’s a slow Tuesday for me and even though I  haven’t  really been in the mood for talking politics for over a month and a half now  I will not back down from any challenge from  my many secret admirers that take from their busy life schedule  to send me an honest comment not a spam.  I’m all for freedom of speech even  the one that I’m not in agreement with so don’t be afraid and prove to yourself how naïve, foolish and sick you truly are once and for all if you have the COJONES to do so!  Like always have a great day and enjoy the precious moment that is every second of each day that is allotted us!

So Congressman Ron Paul, Are You Now Singing To The Tune Of The Politically Correct?

Although I agree with Ron Paul on most of what he says when it comes to the economy, he’s hasn’t been making much sense these past couple of weeks. I just finished reading yesterday Ron Paul on Quran Burning: “The Real Provocateurs” on Business Wire,com How can you on the one hand as a Libertarian want the government to get out of  your way and yet deny this pastor and his members or any American for that matter the right to burn the Quran or any book which they have purchased themselves? Another thing the hell with the Muslims or anyone else who may get offended. Personally I wouldn’t spend one cent of my hard-earned money to buy a Quran nor would I take the time to burn it either, but  I will not stand in the way of anyone who wants to take these actions either.

Do they show any respect toward the American lives that were killed by those who practice their religion on 9/11. Look how much compassion and respect they’re showing us right now by buying the land considered to be a part of Ground Zero, to build their trophy Mosque! Get real this is sick and perverse and Bloomberg like all others who are involved and allowing this to happen as well as those who defend them have American Blood on their hands!

I’m offended all the time by all our stooges running the country to the ground and making decisions that cost the lives of our brave soldiers.  No one respects a weak person or a weak country! I say bring our troops home let them protect our borders let’s get rid of all our current so-called leaders in government that are the problem and lets send the U.N. looking for another country to live in while they continue to plot against us. One last thing before we bring the troops home, lets nuke those who we are supposed to be at war with. Lets really give them something to be upset about! You sure as hell know that when they have the technology they won t think twice about using it on us!

Another thing all these people who are complaining and saying this isn’t CHRIST or Christian like to burn the Quran and all this other nonsense. Well first of, JESUS was GOD in the flesh, and as GOD,  HE had the power to do as He pleased. We are nothing more than  just mere human with a human nature and like  humans will react in a certain way which will not please those who deny CHRIST and attack Christianity every second of the day that they can. Yet will always name HIM in their argument when it’s convenient for them. I say the HELL with you too.

All off you defending the rights of Muslims and their Quran, where are you when they mock JESUS? You know when they get a crucifix with a Jesus on it  and place it in a cup of urine and call it art? All of you are a bunch of HYPOCRITES and COWARDS and playing right into the hands of those who will make you their slaves!  Wake Up, like always you allow yourselves to be played and manipulated by the puppets who are following  the orders of their Masters!

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Rise Up!

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