Land Of The Free And The Brave Or Of The Politically Correct Hypocrites And Cowards?

September 9, 2010

Personally I wouldn’t spend one cent of my hard-earned money purchasing any Quran or burning it either. Yet I will not stand in the way of this pastor and his congregation who purchased the Qurans with their own money, nor stop them from burning them either. If the Muslims get offended who cares! Enough with all this nonsense that we will cause the extremist Muslim to attack us. Question, the first time they attempted to blow up the trade center in the 90’s was that also our fault. Or the shooting at Ft.Hood by another coward Muslim was that also our fault? Weakness equals NO respect, and that is exactly how they view America and all our so-called leaders in Washington and all who buy into this Politically Correct nonsense. Where are all you Hypocrites and Cowards when they burn our American flags and our bibles? How come you on the perverse left always claim it’s your freedom of speech and rights to burn the American Flag? How come not now? Even worst when they chop the heads of our soldiers you still come out in their defense and claim that it’s America’s fault you bunch of cowards!

I’m offended each second of the day when our country bows down to the Muslims and by all our so-called leaders in D.C. who are destroying our country. Where is all the out-rage from the left with the trophy Mosques being proposed to be built on Ground Zero? Where is the left when they get a crucifix with Jesus on it and place it in a cup of urine and call it art? Most importantly to the lost lives at the hands of those who proclaim to follow the Muslim god that cowardly committed the terrorist attacks on innocent lives. Double insult now added with the proposed building on Ground Zero with the victory trophy Mosque.

To all that say this will just stir up the extremist on the other side? You know what they don’t need any help to get motivated as evident every time they commit another of their cowardly terrorist attack on innocent American lives any where they can. As to the mental stability of this pastor and his congregation? Can’t answer that one way or the other, they may well be all nuts or maybe not!  We have become a nation of HYPOCRITES & COWARDS! Do you not think that once those extremist terrorist get their hands on the technology to burn and shred us to pieces that they will not use it? No one respects a weak person or a weak country. Especially in that region of the world! I’m all for peace and living in harmony with all of man kind, but the realities of this world tells me otherwise. I disagreed with the Gulf War as well as with these last two wars that we have been engaged in for over 8 years now. In which our brave young soldiers lives are placed in harm’s way with our own leaders tying their hands every chance they get and bringing them up on charges for them doing what so few of us has ever had the courage to do. Fight to preserve our freedom.

Either way to those of you who say that this pastor and others that see things this way are trying to inflame and bring about Armageddon? Do you honestly think they are the only one’s who have ever read the bible? Don’t you think there maybe a possibility that those within the leadership of our country as well as other countries have also read the bible and may be using it to bring about the completion of their One World Government? I read this many years ago, Project Blue Beam by Serge Monast. Check out this link read it and tell me if this doesn’t sound like something that may be possible although way out there never the less possible. Wake Up we are being played!


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Where Are the New Jobs?


“Corporate profits are soaring. Companies are sitting on billions of dollars of cash. And still, they’ve yet to amp up hiring or make major investments.”

So writes The Washington Post about the recession’s stubborn refusal to go away. The statisticians at the National Bureau of Economic Research declared the Great Recession over — but tell that to people who can’t find jobs. Today, businesses replace equipment and inventory, but they are reluctant to hire new workers. Investment that does occur aims at replacing the use of labor by adopting advanced technology. In a growing economy, that’s a sign of progress. Freed-up workers are then available for new projects. But lately, those new projects aren’t being launched…read more Human Events Continue reading


So now we had our state local elections and they tell us what we already knew. The “Too Big To Fail” mentality is here to stay.  Nothing has really changed since the 2008 Presidential elections and dishonesty is a way of life and these days is rewarded with special legislation on the backs of taxpayers. Is this a great country or what?  If you happen to be one of the “TOO BIG TO FAIL” that is!

Outrage simmers over Florida Marlins’ stadium deal


Elected officials and local activists said the Florida Marlins misled the public when trying to secure their financing deal to build a new stadium in Little Havana.

Revelations this week that the Florida Marlins had turned a $37.8 million profit at the same time they were negotiating a sweetheart stadium deal has some elected officials and a local activist charging the team misled the public during the contentious, drawn-out debate.

“[The idea] is horrible and the financing is even worse. And now you see they took us for a ride,” said Miami-Dade County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez, who voted against the stadium plan that ultimately secured city and county funding.

As the Marlins made their final push for a retractable-roof stadium in Little Havana in early 2009, team president David Samson framed the issue as a struggle for the franchise’s existence.

The $642 million, 37,000-seat facility was needed, he said, “to save baseball in South Florida.”

But according to previously privileged team financial statements — made public this week on the website — the Marlins were in a better financial state than the team let on.

In 2008, at the same time the Marlins lobbied for funding from Miami and Miami-Dade County without disclosing their bottom line, the ball club turned a hefty profit thanks in large part to $48 million provided by Major League Baseball through revenue sharing.

The following year, the supposedly cash-strapped Marlins were again in the black, this time by $11.1 million, while having the league’s lowest payroll ($36.8 million) — $6 million less than any other team — for the second consecutive season.

“I tried to make it a condition on the contract that we see the books,” Gimenez said. “This shows me they could have put more into the stadium than they did. We could have sold less bonds.”


Before the team was awarded the favorable deal — the Marlins basically secured every dollar of revenue made at the stadium — several commissioners argued the city and county had the right to know the team’s financial position, given that taxpayer dollars would foot almost $500 million of the stadium’s cost.

But the Marlins refused, pointing to their protected status as a private entity.

The club even played political hardball on the issue, threatening to leave town if it didn’t get its way. The Marlins took meetings with officials from San Antonio and Las Vegas before securing the deal they wanted in South Florida.

After months of debate, County Manager George Burgess laid out a final plan on March 24, 2009, arguing the stadium would create 3,300 jobs and ensure the Marlins would never leave South Florida. It passed the County Commission by a 9-4 vote.

In addition to getting a new home, the Marlins won’t have to pay their share of the cost — roughly $150 million — until the end of construction.

In light of the team’s better-than-portrayed finances, many now wonder if the trade-off was worth it to taxpayers, who have to pay the roughly $2 billion tab, including interest.

“None of us were aware of this,” said Miami-Dade Commissioner Joe Martinez, who also voted against the final deal.

When asked if the Commission was duped, Martinez said: “I think so. I do believe that if some people had known they were taking a profit, they would have voted differently.”

Samson, who was a key negotiator in the deal, had a far different take on the numbers.

“[It] basically confirms everything that we have said over the years, in terms of how we’ve operated the team, with our eye toward one thing,” Samson said. “That was to ensure that baseball would be secured in South Florida, and that we would to contribute what was required to in order to consummate the stadium transaction.”

Instead of taking money provided by revenue sharing out of the organization as true profit, Samson said, the club used its surplus to pay down debt so it could secure the financing required to honor its end of the deal.

While neither Burgess nor County Mayor Carlos Alvarez were made available for comment Tuesday, Miami-Dade spokeswoman Victoria Mallette said the county never saw the Marlins’ financial statements during the negotiations, but was not surprised to learn the club turned a profit.

She then declined to answer when asked if Alvarez still believes the taxpayers got a good deal from the Marlins.

“The motivation to strike a deal on a ballpark was never about what’s in it for the Marlins ownership, but what’s in it for this community,” Mallette said in an e-mail. “Like museums, performing arts centers and parks, professional sports are a part of the fabric of this community — and among the amenities that make our area desirable.

“We wanted to keep professional baseball in South Florida and continue offering residents and visitors a widearray of amenities, including Major League Baseball.”


But that argument doesn’t fly with auto magnate Norman Braman, who lost a legal battle to shut down the stadium plan.

Braman challenged the Marlins’ right to keep their finances private in court, but a judge ruled the team didn’t have to open up its books.

He greeted this week’s revelation with more than a touch of amusement.

“That’s not a news story. Now the taxpayers are stuck with paying [it] back. It shows they should have built the thing themselves. It shows the taxpayers are a bunch of suckers.”

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How Could an American President Be so Anti-American?

By Rusty Weiss

After an initial grace period in which most Americans were willing to give a new president the benefit of the doubt, what this nation has steadily watched is a man and an administration almost exclusively governing against the will of the people.  While the crux of his predecessor’s low approval ratings were in fighting an ‘unpopular war’, President Obama is watching his own approval rating plunge due to an unpopular, well, everything else.  His record has been so blatantly in contrast to the will of this nation, that it could very nearly be defined as anti-American.

The latest example of this can be seen in the president’s decision to voice his support for the construction of the Ground Zero mosque.  While CNN called his message regarding the mosque ‘incoherent’, Americans understood his initial comments quite clearly – and they’re not taking kindly to hearing their president express support for a project that they overwhelmingly oppose.  Nearly 70 percent of Americans object to the mosque being built on hallowed ground.  (Yes, the site was actively involved on 9/11 when the landing gear assembly of one of the planes used in the attack crashed through the roof of what was then a Burlington Coat Factory)…read more Continue reading

The War Room With Quin & Rose

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Look At What The Feds Are Up To!

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Baseball Legend faces Feds charge of perjury in steroid use. Now you would figure that our country has a whole lot more serious issues at hand to deal with right? We are bankrupt as a nation they’re building a Muslim Mosque on ground Zero and Obama all of a sudden finds it okay to talk about religion and the great contributions that Muslims have made to our country.

We have the attorney general suing the state of Arizona over illegal immigration and we have a judge out in California who with his decision says No to almost 8 million voters in the state who said No to same-sex marriage.

Our elected official in Washington act more like gangsters than statesman yet they now are charging Roger Clemens with perjury! What a sad joke on all of the nation, who the hell cares if baseball players used steroids? Does anyone think that all the records set during the doping era from the late 80’s till recently comes to a surprise to anyone? Again like always distractions is all they ever do in Washington.