Conservative News Report:  Truth 24/7/365   from a Proud American  perspective never apologizing for what America stands for nor what our ancestors fought and died for to preserve our liberties which today are being threaten from our so-called leaders in Washington D.C. who believe that it’s in their best interest if they destroy our economy our way of life so that they can finish their final stage of their New World Order.


In an era of the “too big to fail” nonsense, let me introduce myself. I’m all for straight up Capitalism, which to me it means, the profits of my hard work are mine, as well as the losses. Not the nonsense we have seen as of late in America. That’s not Capitalism, that’s generational theft, or as I call it domestic terrorism.

My Political Views:

A true believer in United States of America and capitalism.  Hate all the foolish trade agreements like N.A.F.T.A. & China Most Favored Nation Status. As well as the Patriot Act.  You can now add to the list the position that our Federal Government is taking against the good people of the state Arizona and all the good people from around the U.S. who support their action to protect their border,  enforcing the Federal Immigration Law, that our Government refuses to enforce.

Extremely sadden with our so-called leaders in Washington D.C.,  Wall Street “Too Big To Fail” bailouts,  Federal Reserves, President Obama, George W. Bush,  Bill Clinton,  George H.W. Bush,  Home Land Security Napolitano, Attorney General Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Timothy Geithner, Ben Bernanke, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Chuck Schumer, and the likes that could care less about America and its citizen as long as they complete their goals for their “Radical Transformation of America” there are many more who will be added to this list from time to time.

Disagree completely with the “radical transformation of America”  that is happening right before our eyes.  With both Democrats and Republicans that involve themselves with the Politics of division, that is destroying our country from within.

  1. Support Fair Trade not so-called free trade that has killed American small businesses
  2. Conservative
  3. Political Party: No Party Affiliation since 1991, former Republican
  4. I”m Pro-Life
  5. Religion: Christian
  6. Firm Believer in Freedom of  Speech
  7. Right to Bare Arms
  8. Believe in the Death Penalty
  9. Don’t believe in Hate Crime Laws:  in my opinion it’s just another way that politician use to divide Americans. They have no idea on how to unite Americans,  so they resort to the politics of division.  Making certain groups life more valuable than others. All crime should be judged equally no one person or group is more valuable than another. We all bleed the same color of blood.
  10. Don’t believe or use the term of  hyphenated American. This in my opinion is used by Politicians to divide America and Americans.

I do support individuals like Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, Sara Palin, Rand Paul, and all the good unknown people around the U.S. that are part of  the Tea Party movement and are doing what ever is within their reach to speak the truth in an attempt to reach all those around us that have been brain washed to think that there really is a difference between the so-called leaders from both the Democratic & Republican parties that are destroying our country from within. I support  talk radio personalities like Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Levin, Rush, Hannity, and many more  who are doing a great  job at exposing all the Socialist/Marxist/Communist, within this administration.  Anyone who stand for truth, I respect and support.  We have been in a downward mode for the past 21 years, with each President beginning with George H.W. Bush, to Clinton, to G.W. and now Obama, being worst than the one that preceded them and each clearing the road for the next, so that they may usher in their final stage of N.W.O.


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