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Where Are the New Jobs?


“Corporate profits are soaring. Companies are sitting on billions of dollars of cash. And still, they’ve yet to amp up hiring or make major investments.”

So writes The Washington Post about the recession’s stubborn refusal to go away. The statisticians at the National Bureau of Economic Research declared the Great Recession over — but tell that to people who can’t find jobs. Today, businesses replace equipment and inventory, but they are reluctant to hire new workers. Investment that does occur aims at replacing the use of labor by adopting advanced technology. In a growing economy, that’s a sign of progress. Freed-up workers are then available for new projects. But lately, those new projects aren’t being launched…read more Human Events


‘Son of Hamas’ warns U.S. fatally falling for lies

‘Peaceful’ Muslims following Quran’s dictate to establish ‘global Islamic state’

By Art Moore
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

As the son of a Hamas co-founder who became a Christian, a spy for Israel and a consultant to the Holy Land Foundation terror-finance trial, Mosab Hassan Yousef offers a rare perspective on the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood – at once the spawn of nearly every major Islamic terrorist group and of “mainstream” operatives in the U.S. such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Yousef, who recently was granted asylum in the U.S. after the Department of Homeland Security tried to deport him, told WND in a telephone interview Americans must understand that the ultimate goal of the highly influential Brotherhood is not terrorism but to establish a global Islamic state over the entire world.

“If they can establish this in a peaceful manner, that’s fine,” he said. “But they are required by the Quran to establish this global Islamic state on the rubble of every civilization, every constitution, every….read more WorldNetDaily

Will Obama Sign U.N. Gun Control Treaty

U.N. Gun Control treaty is worth keeping an eye on but it is not a current threat.

Washington, DC –-(Ammoland.com)- I’ve probably received 100 emails from folks asking me if it’s true that Obama will sign a U.N. gun control treaty requiring confiscation of firearms in the U.S.

I can no longer take the time to reply individually to these queries, so let me answer the question one final time for everyone.

Civics 101: No treaty is effective unless ratified by a supermajority of the U.S. Senate. The Senate still has not ratified the CIFTA gun control treaty signed by President Bill Clinton years ago. There is currently NOT sufficient political will in Washington to muster a supermajority of the Senate to ratify the U.N. treaty that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is reputed to have said the U.S. will approve. Obama’s political capital is going down the drain. He needs to preserve every ounce of remaining political capital to try to turn 30 million illegal immigrants into legal Obama voters.

So, given the current political climate in Washington, the U.N. gun control treaty is not a threat, not to say that the political climate can’t change and that we shouldn’t be watchful.

Civics 102: There are only two ways the U.S. Constitution may be amended – by a constitutional convention or by a constitutional amendment sent by Congress to and ratified by a supermajority of the states. Amendment by treaty is NOT one of these ways. Any treaty in conflict with the Constitution (and the Second Amendment) is without effect in the U.S. The Supreme Court has done some outrageous things in “reinterpreting” the Constitution. See my essay about “Jury-rigging the Commerce Clause” at: http://www.marbut.com/commerce/…read more AmmoLand.com

18 Signs That America Is Rotting Right In Front Of Our Eyes

Some times it isn’t necessary to quote facts and figures about government debt, unemployment and the trade deficit in order to convey how badly America is decaying.  The truth is that millions of Americans can watch America rotting right in front of their eyes by stepping out on their front porches.  Record numbers of homes have been foreclosed on and in some of the most run down cities as many as a third of all houses have been abandoned.  Unemployment remains at depressingly high levels and the number of Americans on food stamps continues to set new records month after month.  Due to severe budget cuts, class sizes are exploding and school programs are being eliminated.  In some areas of the U.S. schools are even going to four day weeks.  With little to no funding available, bridges are crumbling and street lights are being turned off in many communities.  In some areas, asphalt roads are actually being ground up and turned back into gravel roads because they are less expensive to maintain.  There aren’t even as many police available to patrol America’s decaying cities because budget problems have forced local communities across the U.S. to lay off tens of thousands of officers…read more The Economic Collapse


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