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How Could an American President Be so Anti-American?

By Rusty Weiss

After an initial grace period in which most Americans were willing to give a new president the benefit of the doubt, what this nation has steadily watched is a man and an administration almost exclusively governing against the will of the people.  While the crux of his predecessor’s low approval ratings were in fighting an ‘unpopular war’, President Obama is watching his own approval rating plunge due to an unpopular, well, everything else.  His record has been so blatantly in contrast to the will of this nation, that it could very nearly be defined as anti-American.

The latest example of this can be seen in the president’s decision to voice his support for the construction of the Ground Zero mosque.  While CNN called his message regarding the mosque ‘incoherent’, Americans understood his initial comments quite clearly – and they’re not taking kindly to hearing their president express support for a project that they overwhelmingly oppose.  Nearly 70 percent of Americans object to the mosque being built on hallowed ground.  (Yes, the site was actively involved on 9/11 when the landing gear assembly of one of the planes used in the attack crashed through the roof of what was then a Burlington Coat Factory)…read more FOXNews.com

Rallies over mosque near ground zero get heated

By VERENA DOBNIK, Associated Press Writer Verena Dobnik, Associated Press Writer 8 mins ago
NEW YORK – The proposed mosque near ground zero drew hundreds of fever-pitch demonstrators Sunday, with opponents carrying signs associating Islam with blood, supporters shouting, “Say no to racist fear!” and American flags waving on both sides.

Police separated the two groups but there were some nose-to-nose confrontations, including a man and a woman screaming at each other across a barricade under a steady rain.

Opponents of the plan to build a $100 million, 13-story Islamic center and mosque two blocks from the World Trade Center site appeared to outnumber supporters. Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” blared over loudspeakers as mosque opponents chanted, “No mosque, no way!”…read more Yahoo News

Next US target: The birthplace of the Taliban

By DENIS D. GRAY, Associated Press Writer Denis D. Gray, Associated Press Writer Sun Aug 22, 12:24 pm ET
HOWZ-E-MADAD, Afghanistan – As Lt. Col. Peter N. Benchoff prepares for an assault next month into the birthplace of the Taliban, he doesn’t sugarcoat the hurdles his troops face in this crucial swath of southern Afghanistan.

“Security sucks. Development? Nothing substantial. Information campaign? Nobody believes us. Governance? We’ve had one, hour-long visit by a government official in the last 2 1/2 months,” the battalion commander says. “Taliban is the home team here.”

“Here” is 116 square miles (300 square kilometers) of Zhari, a district just west of Kandahar through which the insurgents funnel fighters, drugs, explosives and stage attacks into the city.

It’s also an iconic, psychologically significant spot for the Taliban. Just about two miles (three kilometers) south of the main U.S. base of Howz-e-Madad, Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar ran an Islamic school, founded the movement in 1994, and nearby hung a warlord from the barrel of a tank after he raped two teenagers…read more Yahoo News

Informant is key to NY synagogues bomb plot case

By TOM HAYS, Associated Press Writer Tom Hays, Associated Press Writer Sun Aug 22, 11:58 am ET

NEW YORK – Four Muslim men charged with trying to blow up New York synagogues and shoot down military planes will be reunited at their trial with someone who was in on the plot every step of the way: a wire-wearing FBI informant named Shaheed Hussain.

The government credits Hussain with rooting out radical Muslims at a mosque in Newburgh, a small town north of New York. The defense has sought to portray him as a “fraudster” who lured down-and-out dupes into a phony scheme by offering them a pile of cash.

Hussain’s credibility will be tested as the government’s star witness at the trial, which is set to begin with opening statements this week in federal court in Manhattan.

James Cromitie, Onta Williams, David Williams and Laguerre Payen have pleaded not guilty to charges that they engaged in a conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction and conspiracy to acquire and use anti-aircraft missiles to kill U.S. officers and employees. They face possible life prison terms if convicted…read more Yahoo News

Breaking: Google’s Plans to Take Over The Internet Exposed!! – Alex Jones

Obama’s Divine Right of Kings & The Ground Zero Mosque

By Kelly O’Connell  Sunday, August 22, 2010

When Barack stated Muslims had a right to build a Mosque on Twin Tower scorched earth, he accidentally revisited a key American Revolutionary debate: Does a king have a divine right from God to act as he pleases? Or, were the Founders correct claiming a Natural Law existed over all human decisions, judging each act? This question is the topic of this essay, and will include appearances by the Founding Fathers and favorite writer Locke, versus Karl Marx and Mohammad…read more Canada Free Press

Obama’s True Religion

By Neil Braithwaite  Sunday, August 22, 2010

We all know that a person’s words are one thing, but when those words are backed up with actions, a true picture of that person will always begin to emerge.

Those who supported Barack Obama for president were certain that his provocative rhetoric would soon subside into a more moderate tone once he settled into the office of president. Setting aside his campaign mode, bowing to the will of his party for the sake of power and control in Washington and governing the country as many presidents have done before him…read more Canada Free Press

Economic doldrums leave Americans in no mood for Obama’s liberal agenda

By: Michael Barone
Senior Political Analyst
August 22, 2010

Like many Democrats over the past 40 years, Barack Obama has hoped that his association with unpopular liberal positions on cultural issues would be outweighed by pushing economic policies intended to benefit the ordinary person.

In his campaign in 2008 and as president in 2009 and 2010, he has hoped that those he characterized to a rich San Francisco Bay area audience as bitterly clinging to guns and God would be won over by programs to stimulate the economy and provide guaranteed health insurance…….Read more washingtonexaminer.com

On patrol in Mexico’s drug war


Obama knew Gulf drilling ban would cost at least 23,000 jobs

By: Mark Tapscott
Editorial Page Editor
08/21/10 10:25 AM EDT

Interior Department officials knew beforehand that President Obama’s six-month moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico would cost more than 23,000 jobs and inflict devastating economic damage throughout the region.

Even so, the administration was not deferred from defying a federal judge and doing it anyway.

Federal court documents examined by The Wall Street Journal reveal a July 10 memo to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar from Michael Bromwich in which he estimated that “a six-month deepwater-drilling halt would result in ‘lost direct employment’ affecting approximately 9,450 workers and ‘lost jobs from indirect and induced effects’ affecting about 13,797 more.'”……Read more washingtonexaminer.com

A De Facto Affirmative Action Program For Islam

David Stokes

The planned building of that mosque at Ground Zero—the story that should not and will not go away—has reopened a national wound. The in-your-face-absurdity of the whole thing is missed only by elitist politicians and those willfully blind to history, not to mention clear and present danger. The poster child for such nefarious naiveté has to be New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

Calling the New York City Planning Commission’s green light on the Cordoba project as important of a “test of the separation of church and state as we may see in our lifetimes,” he talked about how government’s hands (the ones he was at the moment wringing, later washing) were tied….read more Townhall.com


A new Time poll finds that one quarter of Americans believe Barack Obama is a Muslim. What’s most interesting about that fraction is that more Americans now believe Obama is a Muslim than believed it when he was running for President two years ago.

As Americans have gotten to know their President better, more have apparently come to believe he prays to Allah.

Big media predictably is interpreting the poll as exposing Americans’ ignorance and xenophobia. But it is actually the best evidence yet that, whatever his faith, the first new President since 9/11 has exposed himself as the Islamophile-in-Chief.

Obama’s Islamophilia has manifested itself in ways big and small—in his unflinching antagonism toward Israel and his bowing to Muslim autocrats; in his 2007 comment that the Muslim call to prayer is “one of the prettiest sounds on earth,” in his hosting of a Ramadan dinner at the White House while cancelling National Day of Prayer events at the White House……read more Human Events


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