The NY Times’ Liberal Agenda Exposed

Media Research Center Network

Obama’s Mosque Tolerance Threatens Vision of a ‘White…Christian’ America?

Sheryl Gay Stolberg read minds of opponents and implied racism and religious intolerance among Ground Zero Mosque opponents.  Full Story..

Extreme Weather Again Excites Extreme Greens on the Front Page of the Times

Global-warming skeptics appeared briefly in paragraph 16 and were followed immediately with rebuttal by reporter Justin Gillis.  Full Story..

Todd Purdum Pans ‘Perverse Rituals’ and ‘Profound Silliness’ of the Adversary Press

The former New York Times White House correspondent of the Clinton era thinks his successors in the Obama era are making a mess of the press.  Full Story..

Against Stubborn Facts: 9/11 ‘Not a Religious Event’?

Dismissing opponents as full of ‘vitriol’ and ‘bigotry,’ the Times editorializes that somehow, the Islamic extremists were committing a secular crime, regardless of their stated intentions.  Full Story..

More Flimflammery from Pompous Paul Krugman: No ‘Ad Hominem’ Attacks Here!

Krugman has an announcement for his credulous Times readers: Constantly (and embarrassingly) calling a serious conservative politician a “flimflam” man is not an ad hominem attack; accurately calling Paul Krugman a “former Enron consultant” is.  Full Story..

Matt Bai attacked as “nativist impulse” conservative protest against a mosque at Ground Zero and attempts to deny citizenship to children born of illegals building a mosque near Ground Zero. To make his case for today’s crop of conservatives as being ethnically motivated, Bai even praises liberal Public Enemy #1, George W. Bush.  Full Story..


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