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WND’s Miami conference dumps Florida Tea Party

Organization sued by Republicans, accused of being front for Democrats

© 2010 WorldNetDaily

The beautiful sights of Mia

WND has rejected sponsorship of its “Taking America Back National Conference” in Miami next month by the Florida Tea Party after an investigation of the group concluded it was misrepresenting itself.

“We are returning the money this group paid for sponsoring the conference and rejecting its participation,” said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND. “This event and the tea party movement are not about making money. They are about changing the direction of our country. It’s clear to me that the Florida Tea Party movement has an agenda all its own.”

Unlike the estimated 90 grass-roots tea party groups in the state, the Florida Tea Party is fielding candidates under its banner. The grass-roots activists fear Florida Tea Party candidates will give Democratic Party candidates such as Rep. Alan Grayson an advantage by siphoning conservative votes from Republican opponents…read more WorldNetDaily

Republican Party helps tea activist sue ‘fake’ Tea Party

By Mark Schlueb


The state Republican Party launched an attack on the Florida Tea Party on Wednesday, paying for lawsuits against several Tea candidates with the hope of ejecting them from races for a congressional seat and three state House seats.

It’s the latest twist in an escalating battle that pits the Republican establishment and grass-roots tea-party activists against the Florida Tea political party and the firebrand Democratic congressman from Orlando, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson.

The Florida Tea Party, established by Windermere attorney Fred O’Neal and political consultant Doug Guetzloe, has put up candidates in races across the state. Most are Florida House races, but Florida Tea Party candidate Peg Dunmire is running against Grayson.

Some activists in the tea-party movement — who oppose establishing a formal political party — allege the Florida Tea Party is bogus, and meant to draw conservative votes away from Republican candidates to give Democrats an edge. They point to ties between Grayson and Guetzloe, including political ads on Guetzloe’s radio show and Grayson’s appointment of Guetzloe to a small-business advisory panel…read more ORLANDO SENTINEL

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TARP Billions Shipped Overseas Can’t Halt Global Slowdown

Thursday, 12 Aug 2010 02:04 PM

By: David A. Patten

Economists and conservatives reacted sharply Thursday to reports that tens of billions in TARP bailout money flowed out of the United States and into the coffers of big banks in France, Germany, and other nations during the government rescue of the U.S. financial system.

That news came as the U.S. economic picture continued to worsen, with rising unemployment claims and a surge in U.S. homes lost to foreclosure.

CATO Institute budget analyst Tad DeHaven tells Newsmax: “The economy has become increasingly global, so it’s not shocking that TARP bailout money ended up at foreign financial institutions. Nonetheless, bailing out U.S. financial firms was bad enough — that foreign institutions also benefitted from the largesse just adds insult to injury.”..read more Newsmax.com

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Bachmann and Angle agree: State aid is “laundered” money for Dems

Greg Sargent

On Fox News, Sharron Angle appeared to agree with Michele Bachmann when the latter claimed the $26 billion in state aid passed by Democrats constitutes money being “laundered through the public employee unions” for use by Dem candidates this fall.

This latest from Angle has prompted Harry Reid to directly attack Angle for the first time (he usually leaves this to surrogates) by posting video of the moment and criticizing her in a press release for opposing “just about any effort to protect jobs in Nevada……read more washingtonpost.com

Mike catches holy hell in poll


Last Updated: 11:05 AM, August 11, 2010

Posted: 5:32 AM, August 11, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg’s popularity rating has dropped to its lowest level in five years, in part because of his ardent defense of a proposed mosque several blocks from Ground Zero, according to a poll released yesterday.

New Yorkers’ approval of their third-term mayor (pictured) dipped to 49 percent, down from 56 percent in April, as 53 percent of those surveyed said they disagree with his position on the mosque, according to the Marist survey.

“The mosque is not doing him any good . . . He’s certainly on the wrong side of public opinion on that in the city,” said pollster Lee Miringoff, director of Marist College’s Institute for Public Opinion…..Read more:.nypost.com

$600 Million Bill passes Senate… while on recess with a total of 2 Senators present

Written By: Guest Contributor
Published: 8/12/2010

By NAFTALI BENDAVID – Reprinted from The Wall Street Journal

On Thursday, the chamber approved a $600 million border-security bill in 31 minutes, from opening gavel to final passage. While their colleagues were enjoying a summer recess, Sen. Chuck Schumer flew in from New York and Sen. Ben Cardin drove his Pontiac from Baltimore to represent the entire Senate in its cavernous chamber.

Mr. Schumer delivered the opening (and closing) speech, while Mr. Cardin sat in the presiding official’s chair. Mr. Schumer told his fellow Democrat that he hoped the border bill, which provides 1,500 additional border agents, would “clear the path” for talks on revamping the nation’s immigration rules.

“I urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to join in this important task,” he added, looking around at 99 empty seats…read more New Patriot Journal.com

CBS 5 Poll: Fiorina Widens Lead Over Boxer

Dead Heats In Governor, Lt. Gov. Races; Marijuana Prop. 19 Passing

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) ― California Republican U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina has increased her lead over Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer to five percentage points according to a new CBS 5 KPIX-TV poll released Thursday, which also shows gubernatorial candidates Democrat Jerry Brown and Republican Meg Whitman in a dead heat.

The CBS 5 poll, conducted by the research firm SurveyUSA, showed Fiorina edging Boxer 47 percent to 42 percent, compared to a CBS 5 poll one month ago showing Fiorina over Boxer 47 to 45 percent…read more CBS 5 poll

The stunning decline of Barack Obama: 10 key reasons why the Obama presidency is in meltdown

By Nile Gardiner World Last updated: August 12th, 2010

The last few weeks have been a nightmare for President Obama, in a summer of discontent in the United States which has deeply unsettled the ruling liberal elites, so much so that even the Left has begun to turn against the White House. While the anti-establishment Tea Party movement has gained significant ground and is now a rising and powerful political force to be reckoned with, many of the president’s own supporters as well as independents are rapidly losing faith in Barack Obama, with open warfare breaking out between the White House and the left-wing of the Democratic Party. While conservatism in America grows stronger by the day, the forces of liberalism are growing increasingly weaker and divided….read more Telegraph.co.uk.

Townhall Latest Breaking News

Government Weather Forecasting: A Corrupted Waste Of Time And Money

By Dr. Tim Ball  Thursday, August 12, 2010

“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Yogi Berra.

Official weather forecasting hasn’t improved since it began and is of insufficient accuracy to be useful. Official climate forecasts produced by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), are wrong, useless and dangerous. Weather and climate has been totally politicized through government involvement so it’s time to eliminate them in forecasting and research and reduce their role to data collection. Neither weather nor climate forecasts have improved over the centuries. Robin Page, farmer/author in his book “Weather Forecasting: The Country Way” wrote, “Yet it is strange to record that as the weather forecasting service has grown in size and expense, so it’s predictions seem to have become more inaccurate.” It isn’t strange but part of the deception government meteorologists and climatologists practice in leading the public to believe they’re improving because of bigger computers…read more Canada Free Press

Judge: Calif. gay marriages can resume Aug. 18

But decision gives opponents several days to file appeal

NBC, msnbc.com and news services
updated 8/12/2010 4:46:07 PM ET

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge’s ruling Thursday that gay marriages can resume in California next week left neither side completely happy.

U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker, who last week overturned California’s same-sex marriage ban, known as Proposition 8, ruled that gay marriages can resume starting Aug. 18.

San Francisco City Hall’s steps were lined with gay couples and their supporters hoping for an immediate green light from Walker to wed…read more msnbc.com and news services


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