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    In an era of the "too big to fail" nonsense, let me introduce myself. I'm all for straight up Capitalism, which to me it means, the profits of my hard work are mine, as well as the losses. Not the nonsense we have seen as of late in America. That's not Capitalism, that's generational theft, or as I call it domestic terrorism.

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The Great American Entrepreneurial Spirit Lives

You know this is what has always been great about America, even in real bad economic times like we are living today that entrepreneurial spirit thrives! GOD Bless America!  Way to go FUBO!!!!!!


Obama Urinal cake – Ale to the Chief

Manufacturer: Pee Pee Face – USA Made
SKU: FU1132
Price: $8.95
This item is in stock


FUBO Urinal Cake from Pee Pee Face in Rochester, NY. Made in the USA.

Take a stand while you stand and relieve yourself. If you really want to let people know how you feel about Obama, make the ultimate statement with this Obama urinal cake and screen. The “Ale to the Chief” Obama urinal cake is perfect for Bars and will give your customers a surprise laugh when go to the bathroom.

These Custom FUBO urinal screens come fully assembled with 1 sealed urinal cake to get you started. Grab some FUBO today!

*Need 12 or more of this item? Call 1-800-836-2413 or Email Us for a discounted price!

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Obama Urinal cake – How am I doing

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Obama Urinal cake – Wee distribute your wealth

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