2Small2Succeed Report 7-23-2010

Congressional Tea Party Caucus receives mixed reviews from Tea Party activists

By Alex Pappas — The Daily Caller | Published: 1:20 AM 07/22/2010 | Updated: 2:40 AM 07/23/2010

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann’s Tea Party Caucus in the House convened in Washington for the first time Wednesday, but it is receiving mixed reviews from Tea Party activists across the country.

“I don’t appreciate the caucus,” said one well-known activist, Robin Stublen, of Punta Gorda, Fla. “They don’t deserve it.”

Stublen, a former coordinator with the Tea Party Patriots, continued by saying that he finds it “hypocritical” that some of the 20-plus members who signed up for the caucus haven’t signed the Contract from America, a list of legislative desires trumpeted by many Tea Party leaders.       Read more: dailycaller.com

For FARC’s sake: Chavez breaks ties with Colombia

By Judi McLeod  Thursday, July 22, 2010

Caught red-handed right in the FARC terrorist camp, Venezuela President Hugo Chavez’s reaction today was to sever diplomatic ties with Colombia.

Facing accusations of harboring as many as 87 FARC camps that are used to smuggle cocaine and launch terrorist attacks across the border, Chavez threw another of his signature tantrums by going on state television.

At a special meeting today of the Organization of American States, Colombia’s government had presented televised photos of a rebel commander guzzling a bottle of Venezuela’s Polar beer and other shocking evidence it said indicates the presence of as many as 1,500 FARC terrorists inside Colombia’s next door……Read more: Canada Free Press

Hell has many rooms with the Obama administration….so little time

By Dr. Laurie Roth

The Obama regime is not only constitutional and political hell for America and the Democrat party,  it is a sick combo of the movie’s Ground Hog Day,  where chaos and misused power point and click again and again and to Hitchcock’s classic,  ‘The Birds’, where we wait in horror for the next round of flesh eating birds to destroy all in sight. Full Story

White House predicts record $1.47 trillion deficit this year, 9 percent unemployment next year


Associated Press

07/23/10 5:25 PM EDT

WASHINGTON — New estimates from the White House on Friday predict the budget deficit will reach a record $1.47 trillion this year. The government is borrowing 41 cents of every dollar it spends.

That’s actually a little better than the administration predicted in February.   The new estimates paint a grim unemployment picture as the economy experiences a relatively jobless recovery. The unemployment rate, presently averaging 9.5 percent, would average 9 percent next year under the new estimates.   The Office of Management and Budget report has ominous news for President Barack Obama should he seek re-election in 2012 …………Read more washingtonexaminer.com

Our national debt would horrify the Founders

Examiner Editorial

July 23, 2010

On the issue of government spending and debt, there is a gulf far greater than a mere 223 years between the Founders and the present generation of American leaders.

In the period spanning the final year of George W. Bush’s second term in the White House and President Obama’s tenure to date, the national debt has exploded from $9.1 trillion to nearly $13.2 trillion, reaching 90 percent of the gross domestic product. On a graph, the direction of the national debt for this period is almost straight up, recalling what fighter pilots mean when they “go vertical” in a dogfight. We are accumulating a debt so massive that our children and grandchildren will still be paying it off decades hence…… Read more washingtonexaminer.com

Larry Elder: NAACP fights old fights, embraces liberal policies

By: Larry Elder

Examiner Columnist
July 23, 2010

Is the NAACP demanding that it not be taken seriously?

The civil rights group passed a resolution condemning “bigotry within” the limited-government/constitutionalist Tea Party movement, as if there is any large group without idiots — and, in this case, inconsequential ones at that.

Four percent of Democrats — and 3 percent of Republicans — according to a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll, would refuse to vote for a black presidential candidate whose views mirror their own. That comes out to almost 3 million Democratic bigots. How does that compare with the number of presumed bigots within the Tea Party?

Julian Bond, NAACP chairman from 1998 until 2010, routinely called the entire Republican Party racist and fascist — and got away with it. These outrageous attacks — not unlike the waving of Bush/Hitler signs at anti-Bush rallies — provoked no indignation from those now hyperventilating ……..Read more washingtonexaminer.com

American Thinker

The Age of the Yoyo

J.R. Dunn
We’ve entered a kind of Age of the Yoyo. The incompetents rule. More

Does Barack Obama Have a Learning Disability?

Michael Applebaum, MD

It seems like an outlandish question to ask, but the actions of President Obama suggest that he may suffer from one. More

John Galt in Skirts in Connecticut

Stuart Schwartz
In historically Democratic Connecticut, Atlas has shrugged. More

Why the Revolution Will Prevail and Why It Will Last

Bruce Walker
Why RINOs cannot stop the conservative reforms America needs. More

The Coming Nullification Non-Crisis

D.L. Adams
The radical, and so far ineffectual but significantly costly, programs and policies of the current resident of the White House suggest that a new “Nullification Crisis” will soon be upon us. More

Progressive’? Awww, Grow Up!

James Lewis
Here, try a little experiment. Google the phrase I am a progressive. How many hits do you get? More

Rangel says he’s ready to clear his name

By Verena Dobnik


The Democrat said Friday he looked forward to clearing his name next week at a meeting of the House ethics committee, which has indicated the 40-year congressional veteran will be charged with serious violations.  Read more washingtontimes

N. Korea fuels tensions with warning against U.S.-led military drills

By Jim Gomez


North Korea inflamed already-high tensions in the region over the deadly sinking of a South Korean warship by threatening the United States and South Korea on Friday with a “physical response” if they carry out military drills as planned on Sunday. The U.S. refused to back down, saying any new talks with the North are unlikely in the current standoff.  Read more washingtontimes

Lawmaker Who Wrote Arizona Immigration Law Intervenes in Obama Administration Lawsuit

Friday, July 23, 2010
By Fred Lucas, Staff Writer

(CNSNews.com) – The author of the Arizona immigration law filed a court motion to stop the federal government’s effort to prevent the law from going into effect on July 29.

In April, Gov. Jan Brewer signed a bill to codify federal immigration law into state law. However, the Obama administration filed a lawsuit on July 6 calling the law unconstitutional, contending that only the federal government can enforce immigration rules….Read more CNSNews.com

Liberals, Conservatives Agree: Re-Imposing the Death Tax Designed to Penalize the Wealthy

Friday, July 23, 2010
By Adam Cassandra

(CNSNews.com) – Unless Congress acts to extend its repeal, the death tax is scheduled to return in 2011– a tax that liberals and conservatives alike seem to agree is designed only to attack the “pockets” of the wealthy.

A moratorium on the tax expires after Dec. 31, 2010,  and the tax will return in 2011 taxing inheritances at a rate of 55 percent with only a $1 million exemption unless Congress changes the tax law. Read more CNSNews.com

Residents warn of recall if council members remain

Jul 23 06:28 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

BELL, Calif. (AP) – City Council members who make nearly $100,000 a year for governing this small, poverty-plagued suburb of Los Angeles must resign immediately or face a recall campaign, a community group warned Friday.

The threat came hours after it was announced that the city manager, assistant city manager and police chief were stepping down following a public outcry over their salaries, which total more than $1.6 million a year.

In the wake of that scandal, residents have lost trust in Mayor Oscar Hernandez and three other council members, said Ali Saleh, co-founder of the Bell Association to Stop the Abuse. Read more Beitbart

Obama Explains why Birth Certificates don’t matter



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