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    In an era of the "too big to fail" nonsense, let me introduce myself. I'm all for straight up Capitalism, which to me it means, the profits of my hard work are mine, as well as the losses. Not the nonsense we have seen as of late in America. That's not Capitalism, that's generational theft, or as I call it domestic terrorism.

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Ed Schultz Is Losing It Big Time, Wait Till November 2010/2012

Ed Schultz is now headlining his own segment “Crazy Talk”,  he  looses it  completely in a way that only those who suffer from mental illness called Liberalism can. What;s wrong Ed, is your party letting you down? Or could it be that the “Hope & Change” has  been exposed for what it truly is?

Liberals you must realize that even with the majority in both house, no one other than the Commies among you can approve of the job that your Messiah is doing.  Ed, relax take a deep breath and ask yourself, how is it possible that with the billions in bailouts, the stimulus,health care reform, cash for clunkers and all the nonsense that has been rammed down the throats of Americans, even the liberal Washington Post polls show 60 % of Americans disapproving with the way the country is going.

Relax Ed it will get better come this November I promise, once those in effective Tea Party racist complete their mission, real change will start to find its way back to Washington and in another two more years you will feel even better once the deceiver is dethroned at the ballot box.  So Ed, if you are having a break down now, can you imagine how it’s going to feel in the not so distant future?


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