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    In an era of the "too big to fail" nonsense, let me introduce myself. I'm all for straight up Capitalism, which to me it means, the profits of my hard work are mine, as well as the losses. Not the nonsense we have seen as of late in America. That's not Capitalism, that's generational theft, or as I call it domestic terrorism.

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2Small2Succeed Report


Marco Rubio’s U.S. Senate campaign grew out of his 2007 antitax roots

By Alex Leary, Times Staff Writer
In Print: Monday, July 12, 2010

Daytona Beach, February 2007: 30 people gather at a medical billing office to hear a young Miami politician.

All they know about him is that he’s about to become the speaker of the Florida House, and he supposedly shares their growing anger over property taxes and government spending.


Canada Free Press

Obama & the Eighty-One Percent True Believers

By Kelly O’Connell Full Story

Recent polls reveal a giant gap in Obama’s approval between parties, with 81% of Democrats approving Barack’s job performance, while only 12% of Republicans concur. Despite unprecedented failure, why do liberals strongly approve Obama’s performance? Barack’s hyper-political stance and stunningly inept decisions ought to repulse every patriotic American. Hasn’t Obama been revealed as the JaMarcus Russell (failed NFL #1 pick) of American politics, losing every contest while steadfastly refusing to study the offensive play-book, or ponder team history?

Learning from Christie and Brewer How to Confront the Problem

By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

The most important lessons for the Republican party aren’t coming from any of the retired politicians doing their speaking tours right now. They come from two sitting governors, Governor Christie of New Jersey and Governor Brewer of Arizona, and what they’re doing is very simple. They’re confronting the problem.

When Christie won an election, like so many other state governors, he was thrust into the middle of an impossible budget nightmare which was full of impossible problems. State budgets had been bulked up by entitlements and their attached public sector unions. Cutting them meant a battle with the unions. But not cutting them meant serious tax hikes. Most governors chose to walk some kind of middle path, negotiating with the unions with the least political fallout, and raising taxes, to create a compromise that everyone hated.

No privacy rights within 100 miles of U.S. border

By Doug Hagmann Full Story

It is no secret that I am pro-law enforcement – very pro-law enforcement, in fact. Some of my best friends are law enforcement officers who work in local, state and federal agencies. On my wedding day in 1991, I lost a friend who was a police officer in Houston, Texas when he pulled over a car and was subsequently shot during the course of a traffic stop.

The Hand Writing is on the Wall

By Dr. Robert R. Owens Full Story

In a Bible passage so powerful even those who don’t believe the Bible unknowingly quote it; An arrogant young ruler is so enamored with his exalted position he thinks he can disregard the traditions of his predecessors with impunity.

Governments still promote climate fears despite contradictory advice from thousands of experts

By Tom Harris Full Story

[Part 4 of a 5 part series examining the so-called “consensus” in the climate science community, the scientists who dare dissent from political correctness and a new, less partisan way to promote rational climate policy]

In part 1, part 2and part 3 of this series, it was shown that claims of a ‘consensus’ in the climate science community that our CO2 emissions are causing dangerous global warming are unfounded.

Mr. Huber Goes To Washington

By Jim O’Neill Full Story

“When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government….”—Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)  From “The Declaration of Independence”

“In order to prevail against the most hard-core communist revolutionaries, you must send the most hardcore conservative patriots to Congress.”—Ernest Huber—Congressional candidate from Washington’s 8th Distri

Bailout with UPS


55 Percent of Likely Voters Find ‘Socialist’ an Accurate Label of Obama?

By William R. Mann Full Story

Why are folks just now seeing this?

Carville almost got something right. It would have been interesting to see how many would have agreed with the term, Marxist? [BTW: You have not seen the last of Hillary and Bill. Watch what happens if Obama loses big in the Off-year Elections]

Boring Barry

By Bruce Walker Full Story

I wrote recently about the political dangers to President Obama when people stop liking him.  Many of us, me included, found it impossible to like Obama as soon as it became clear that he was a disciple of prophets of evil, like Saul Alinksy.  Many Americans (too many, in fact) are mesmerized by television.  Good looking, relaxed, well-spoken people have a big advantage in national politics.

Rasmussen Reports

50% Rate Obama’s Economic Performance As Poor

14% Likely To Miss Or Be Late On A Mortgage Payment In Near Future

Voters Still Trust GOP More on Most Key Issues

Washington Examiner

By: Michael Barone
Senior Political Analyst
July 11, 2010

Home mortgage interest rates are the lowest in history, but house sales are plunging. Banks can make money easily because of the Federal Reserve’s low interest rates, but they’re not making many loans. Major corporations are sitting on something like $2 trillion in cash, but they’re not investing.

Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/Obama-economy-sends-Americans-to-their-mattresses-98134404.html#ixzz0tPntjNRZ

Mona Charen: U.S.-Cuba policy: A 50-year failure?

By: Mona Charen

Examiner Columnist
July 11, 2010

After a 134-day hunger strike, Guillermo Farinas’ waist is so small that a dog collar could fit around it. This living skeleton (who has survived this long only because he has taken nutrients intravenously) now has a victory: The Cuban government has announced the planned release of 52 political prisoners. That Raul Castro appears to have buckled to international pressure is, of course, good news — though it comes too late for Orlando Zapata.

Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columns/U_S_-Cuba-policy_-A-50-year-failure_-98122959.html#ixzz0tPpriFJQ

Modern recording devices are a boon to law enforcement. Wiretaps betray crooks plotting their crimes. Surveillance cameras on city streets identify muggers and drug dealers. Video gear in patrol cars shows drivers who can barely stand, much less walk a straight line.

All these provide devastating evidence in court: Jurors can witness exactly what happened. But when it comes to capturing some of the most important information available for fighting crime, the Federal Bureau of Investigation would rather see no evil and hear no evil. ………

Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columns/The-FBI-should-record-interrogations-and-confessions-98064114.html#ixzz0tPvYJ4WF

MEMO TO MILBANK: You’re a head behind the facts on Arizona border decapitations (UPDATED!)

Editorial Page Editor
07/09/10 8:56 PM EDT

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is being blasted in liberal precincts for some less-than-precise rhetorical formulations about the increasingly dangerous crime situation on the border between her state and Mexico.

Who are the realistic Republicans for 2012?

By: Max Borders
Special to Examiner
07/10/10 8:00 AM EDT

The libertarian-right went bananas back in April when Ron Paul polled dead even with President Obama in a hypothetical match-up. I haven’t the space to go into detail, but I don’t think Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) is a realistic candidate in 2010. Here’s my handful of bullets as to why:

Naiveté of the Left

By: Christopher Taylor
07/09/10 5:55 PM

Not long ago, President Obama gave an interview to the online site Politico in which he said: “I think it’s fair to say, if six months ago, before this spill had happened, I had gone up to Congress and I had said we need to crack down a lot harder on oil companies and we need to spend more money on technology to respond in case of a catastrophic spill, there are folks up there, who will not be named, who would have said this is classic, big-government overregulation and wasteful spending.” “Some of the same folks who have been hollering and saying ‘do something’ are the same folks who, just two or three months ago, were suggesting that government needs to stop doing so much,” Obama said. “Some of the same people who are saying…

By: Scott Payne
07/08/10 4:05 PM

A campaign style video released by Sarah Palin’s political action committee, SarahPAC, has further intensified speculation around the idea of having Palin take over chairpersonship of the Republican National Committee. Not surprisingly, Democrats are giddy over the idea. At Politico’s The Arena, numerous Democratic strategists express their approval about the idea. In response to the proposal, former Clinton White House Adviser Erik Lui says, “Yes. Please. Immediately”. Maria Cardona, a public affairs specialist, offers, “Michael Steele has been the gift that keeps on giving – for Democrats. Dare we hope for a better gift in the form of an RNC Chairman Palin? I am giddy at the prospect!!” Mo Elleithee exclaims, “As a Democrat,…

The Rush Limbaugh challenge

By: P.J. Gladnick
07/08/10 3:56 PM

I have found a fascinating phenomenon among liberals. They feel free to harshly criticize Rush Limbaugh yet rarely, if ever, listen to him. And when they do hear him it is in carefully selected brief excerpts or in second- or third-hand accounts. This leads to a lot of misconceptions on their part. I was reminded of this phenomenom again while reading a column in my local newspaper by Leonard Fein. I enjoy reading Fein’s columns because, although he is a liberal, I consider him a member of the non-moonbat left who occasionally displays brief moments of mental clarity when it comes to current events. An example was his recent column in which Fein notices that Barack Obama is not exactly the messiah that he was promoted as being by the mainstream media during the…

Gibbs warns of potential GOP House takeover

By: Susan Ferrechio
Chief Congressional Correspondent
07/11/10 1:40 PM EDT

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said he believes the GOP could take over the House in the November elections.
Gibbs, speaking on NBC’s Meet the Press, said” there’s no doubt there are enough seats in play that could cause Republicans to gain control. There’s no doubt about that.”

Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/blogs/beltway-confidential/gibbs-warns-of-potential-gop-house-takeover-98199644.html#ixzz0tPxzHu3K

American Thinker

Alinsky, Stalinsky, It’s Still the Same Old Agitprop

James Lewis
Stalinism is no stranger to the American left. It is part of its very being. More

Crimes of the NY Times

Vladimir Steblina
The reference librarian’s answer was brief and to the point. More

Magical Education and the Slide into Third-Worldism

Robert Weissberg
Though the U.S. is indisputably a first-world nation, this is not the typical human condition. More

Clarice’s Pieces

Clarice Feldman
I know that it’s hard for non-lawyers to comprehend the nuanced and complicated issues which face the Attorney General and his aides, so I’m taking time this week to do just that. More

Raising Your Indirect Taxes

Mark Morris
There are currently two pieces of tax legislation that have been introduced into Congress that will affect virtually every person in the United States. More

Corrupting Hatred

Eileen F. Toplansky
To the followers of the Reverend, the Imam, and the Minister… More

Life vs. Feminism

Andrew Ryan
Any time anyone comes to you trying to justify something in the name of the “lesser evil” — call her on it. More

American Spectator

The Truth About Illegals

By on 7.9.10 @ 6:08AM

The recent arrest of ten Russian illegal officers targeted against us — a superb performance on the part of our intelligence and law enforcement agencies — proves that the Kremlin still looks upon the United States as the main enemy. Most of the details about these new cases are still classified by the FBI. One thing is clear, however; this is not just business as usual — “we spy, they spy.” The Kremlin’s illegal officers have traditionally been dispatched to enemy countries to form an alternative presence there, should war break out and force the legal embassies to close; and to constitute a “homegrown” skeleton of the pro-Moscow governments that the Kremlin dreamed of setting up in those countries at the end of the war. In other words, vitally important assignments……

Mexico Unmasked

By on 7.9.10 @ 6:07AM

Mexico is a mystery to most Americans — and not unjustifiably. Millions of Mexican citizens have fled north to the United States to escape poverty, crime, and all the akin problems associated with such deprivation. That’s about all their hosts know about the land to the south that produces such misery. The image of Mexico that both countries prefer to emphasize focuses on the luxury of its multi-billion dollar resort industry — a nation of blue tequila and bronzed beauties. Convenient but false………

Constitutional Opinions

Hiding Behind U.S. Law

By on 7.9.10 @ 6:08AM

The Supreme Court recently gave a significant victory to those seeking to prevent plaintiffs’ lawyers from taking advantage of our overly generous civil justice system. In Morrison v. National Australia Bank Ltd., the Court held that plaintiffs who purchased securities traded on foreign exchanges could not bring an action for securities fraud in U.S. courts. The case involved a lawsuit brought against an Australian company for alleged misstatements made to foreign investors in connection with securities traded on the Australian securities market. The Court held that Congress declined to provide a venue for foreign plaintiffs seeking to pursue such fraud claims in U.S. courts.


Obama’s “Fly Me to the Crescent Moon” Policy

Ken Blackwell:

Maybe it’s the Dog Days of Summer. Perhaps it’s the heat—102 degreesin Washington—that’s getting to peoples’ heads. But President Obama’slatest policy—announced by his NASA administrator, astronaut CharlesBolden, is about to melt down.

“Megyn Kelly: ‘Racist Media Satan'”

Kevin McCullough:

I don’t know the politics of Megyn Kelly. But after a few years of seeing her operate, and occasionally running into her in the hallways at Fox News, I think I’ve learned a … more

The curse of the invisible elephant

Paul Jacob:

There’s nothing so terrible as a bad idea who’s time has come. In 1929, the idea was protectionism. Against the overwhelming advice of economists, Republicans in … more

Will Social Conservatives Play In to the Democrats’ Plans?

Austin Hill:

Will America’s faith-based social conservatives snatch defeat from the jaws of what should be a big November victory? If they follow a very destructive pattern that … more

Stuck in Afghanistan

Steve Chapman:

There is good news about Afghanistan.No, really. It comes from Jonathan Alter, Newsweek columnist and author of the book “The Promise: President Obama, Year One.” He thinks … more

It’s The Culture, Stupid

Ken Connor:

“[I]f you are dependent on people who do not know you, who control the value of your necessities, you are not free, and you are not safe.” Wendell Berry, Sex, Economy, … more

From Australia to America, the Concerns Are the Same

Debra J. Saunders:

SYDNEY — Even in a country without land borders, border security is a big issue, as asylum seekers — many from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan — have braved the Indian Ocean to … more

Economic Numbers Hurting Obama

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
The increasing consensus that we are entering a “double dip” recession is seeping into the conventional wisdom, posing a further obstacle to Obama’s attempts to keep control of Congress. Even when the conventional wisdom was that the economy was slowly emerging from recession, the president was having his problems keeping Congress. But now that all indicators — from employment to housing to consumer confidence to the Dow —are trending downward, the task is likely to become even harder………

What If Glenn Beck Said, ‘I Hate Every Last Iota of a N—–! Kill Their Babies!’

Doug Giles

What do you suppose would happen to Glenn Beck if he …

1. got Bo Derek cornrows

2. grew a scraggly Nubian Ibex-looking beard

3. borrowed Monica Lewinsky’s beret

4. put on some white Doc Martens

5. donned a New White Tiger jumpsuit

6. bedazzled the jumpsuit with 15 pieces of black-hatin’ flair

7. got a cheap sound system

8. got multiple sets of various sized congas

9. Tom Sawyered a few shirtless white guys with dreadlocks to play the congas

10. solicited several angry, braless Caucasian New White Tiger women to wildly dance to said congas, and …

Cuba’s Political Prisons Emptying? (So says the MSM)

Humberto Fontova

Castro’s regime has agreed to release 52 political prisoners in the coming months and according to the New York Times “this would reduce the number of prisoners of conscience on the island by about a third.”

“We think that’s a positive sign,” said Sec. of State Clinton. “It’s something that is overdue but nevertheless very welcome.”…………….

Is Democracy Overrated?

Pat Buchanan

With the disintegration of the Soviet Empire and the Soviet Union, and Beijing’s abandonment of Maoism, anti-communism necessarily ceased to be the polestar of U.S. foreign policy.

For many, our triumph fairly cried out for a bottom-up review of all the alliances created to fight that Cold War and a return to a policy of non-intervention in foreign quarrels where no vital U.S. interest was imperiled.

TownHall-News Headlines

Obama spokesman says Democrats could lose House 7:26 pm APNews

Conn. land dug up for items from tribe-settler war 7:25 pm APNews

FEC filing shows Palin gave $87,500 to candidates 7:24 pm APNews

Rev. Schuller retiring from Crystal Cathedral 7:24 pm APNews

Holder raises question on Sept. 11 death penalty 7:22 pm APNews

LA police teach Marines how to train Afghan police 7:21 pm APNews

Skinny dippers in SF Bay area hope to set record 7:17 pm APNews


FEC filing shows Palin gave $87,500 to candidates 7:02 pm APNews

LA police teach Marines how to train Afghan police 6:48 pm APNews


Oakland man arrested after child thrown in traffic 6:36 pm APNews

Uncle of shooting victim rejects letter of apology 6:13 pm APNews

Conn. land dug up for items from tribe-settler war 6:09 pm APNews

Holder raises question on Sept. 11 death penalty 6:09 pm APNews

Rev. Schuller retiring from Crystal Cathedral 6:08 pm APNews

Obama spokesman says Democrats could lose House 6:08 pm APNews

Good fish return on Columbia, Snake rivers 5:56 pm APNews

Transformer explodes in Las Vegas arts district 5:56 pm APNews

Deer crashes through window of store in Ore. city 5:43 pm APNews

Napolitano meets with Brewer at governors meeting 5:18 pm APNews

Kennedy’s clout could grow on high court 4:01 pm APNews

Future of Burr Oak Cemetery uncertain 1 year later 3:32 pm APNew



WORLD CUP: Spain 1, Netherlands 0 (OT)

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, July 11 (UPI) — Andres Iniesta found the net in the 116th minute Sunday, lifting Spain to a 1-0 victory over the Netherlands in the final of the 2010


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